Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
You can choose to do your physical therapy treatments anywhere a licensed therapist services their clients. Here at Beach Street Medical Center, we incorporate Physical and Massage Therapy because of their over healing benefits for acute and chronic conditions. Staffed here we have a Physical Therapist, a Physical Therapy Assistant, and two licensed massage therapists to provide one-on-one personalized rehabilitation programs, including, but not limited to, stretching and strengthening exercises, home exercise programs, and additional modalities for muscle and relaxation and recovery. Our therapists specialize in low back and neck rehabilitation using advanced technology and equipment for testing and strengthening. We also treat balance disorders, a variety of neurologic and orthopedic disorders, and any and all pre and post-surgical rehabilitation.

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Additional conditions treated with Physical Therapy:

  • Foot/Ankle: sprain/strain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis,  pre- and post surgical cases
  • Knee: sprain/strain, ACL injury and/ or repair, meniscus and cartilage damage, patella femoral syndrome, total knee replacement, pre- and post surgical cases
  • Hip: arthritis, total hip replacement, IT band syndrome, sciatica, bursitis
  • Shoulder: rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, sprain/strain, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), subluxation, thoracic outlet syndrome, surgical cases, bursitis
  • Elbow: arthritis, dislocation, sprain/strain, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • Hand/Wrist: carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sprain/strain, fractures, pre- and post surgical cases

Why is Physical Therapy important?

  1. Determination of Medical Necessity
    Utilizing range of motion testing, we can compare an individual to normative flexibility values to determine if they are limited or hypermobile. Manual strength testing is used to determine weakness, muscular imbalance and instability. Strength, range of motion, endurance, speed, and overall work are some of the categories scrutinized.
  2. Feeling Good
    Patients take an active role in recovery and in their rehabilitation process. This attitude energizes their physical environment. By gradually strengthening the involved region, we develop better stabilization of the torso or joint complex. We can improve muscle control and stability together with working on flexibility and muscle endurance. Patients begin to enjoy life to the fullest by removing disabilities and improving their overall functioning in activities of daily living.
  3. Prevention of Relapses and other potential problems
    You probably know someone who has complained of the same recurrent condition on several occasions.  One reason these individuals suffer from frequent flare-ups is that although their pain may have subsided on prior episodes, chances are they were never strengthened to completely stabilize the weak links or injured areas. Thus, a re-injury often occurs. We provide maximum strengthening and optimum health. By properly healing, strengthening, stabilizing, and returning joint function to normal values, prevention of other potential problems can be obtained. A weak back often leads to over compensation of the upper torso, or a shoulder deficiency can lead to asymmetrical muscle imbalances and neck problems. Appropriate strengthening and increasing range of motion in a controlled and isolated fashion is essential.
  4. Save Money
    Besides keeping people at their best, rehabilitation at our facility can save you money. Just as brushing and flossing your teeth can prevent expensive dental work, physical therapy and rehabilitation care can help avoid the expense of having to seek continued care for chronic conditions.

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