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Combining Medical Massage, Advanced Spinal Decompression Treatments, and  Chiropractic Care

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Beach Street Medical Center is probably unlike any other healthcare facility you have experienced. We are an integrated health and wellness clinic, providing medical care, chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy. From headaches, to back pain, whiplash to sciatica, and shoulder bursitis to post-operative ACL knee rehabilitation...we can help!

Using ONE or ALL disciplines as needed!

We are proud to have an exceptional blend of doctors and therapists at the practice. With over 140 years of combined clinical experiences, we have a medical physician, chiropractors, a licensed physical therapist, a physical therapy assistant and licensed massaged therapists trained in the latest techniques to be offered in a professional setting with the latest equipment and protocols. This combination of specialists allows us the opportunity to offer individualized attention with the choice to involve any or all parts of the assembled team of health care providers, as medically necessary.

Unlike most practices, Beach Street Medical Center offers several disciplines under one roof. The combination of medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy allows our patients to have necessary medical procedures (trigger point or joint injections), limited pharmaceutical intervention, spinal adjustments, core strengthening and neuromuscular education as well as soft tissue therapy at our clinic. This practice not only saves the patient time and money from going to multiple facilities but it offers the best overall picture of the specific conditions that are to be treated.

Not only do we provide the highest quality healthcare options available, we provide a remarkable experience. We pride ourselves in creating a dynamic office that allows us to spend more time with you and your family, deliver thorough care and at the same time helping you to better understand your health and thereby obtaining exceptional results. In addition, our clinic is personal. We get to know you by name and are interested in the details you share with us. You are appreciated. You are always welcomed and everything we do is specifically tailored to you and your family, not just the condition that has brought you here.

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